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We carry unique (and trendy) styles to fit your needs

At FashionEmall we have all kinds of bags to fit your fashion needs. This season we have a lot of trendy styles with unique patterns and designs. Inspired by the latest trends and classic shapes we have a lot of different looking styles to choose from. We also offer bags in different price range for you to be able to choose what you can afford and how much money you want to save. We have high quality faux leather bags but also a lot of bags made out of genuine leather.

At FashionEmall it’s both about quantity and quality and we believe you can get quality bags for cheap that will look at least as good.

One of our most newly added items to our site is this trendy triangle pattern patch satchel that’s the perfect size to use every day and a unique but still trendy look…

All our bags come in many color choices to make your shopping more fun!

Look at our website to find the perfect bag for you or your store!

Happy wholesale shopping!

- FashionEmall



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Tips for retailers to buy excellent quality wholesale handbags

Fashion handbags are available in numerous trendy designs that are sure to grab the attention of the people. If you are a retailer, then buying the handbags in bulk quantity will be a better choice. It is because the cost gets reduced to a large extent and the retailers have higher chances to make profits. Though the retailers will come across a huge collection of wholesale handbags but it is also necessary to ascertain a few things. This will help you to sell good handbags to the customers who will be pleased with your collection. So let us have a look at different factors that you should consider while buying the wholesale fashion handbags.

Quality of the material

Nowadays the handbags are made of a variety of materials so it is very necessary that its quality is good. Do not compromise with the quality or else the bags will not be durable and the customers will not come to you. So if you want to keep your customers happy, it is important that you focus on the quality of the handbags and purchase the best. Leather bags have a huge demand in the market as it is excellent in quality and can be dyed for superior look.

Top quality zippers

One of the biggest features of quality handbags is their zippers. The low quality handbags have poor quality zippers which are not only hard but may also wear away with continuous use. This is the reason that the retailers should make sure that the good quality zippers are used. This will increase the life of the handbags and the people will be happy too.

Every body is after new fashion trendy products like handbags, clothing ,jewelry at wholesale price to stock up for new season , at the same time they are struggling and dealing with bad economy and maxed out credit cards or bank accounts , and a way to over come with those hardship and etc…

so as wholesale supplier fashionemall.com is working hard to offer affordable cheap prices for most of the products that has in stock to help all those customers to start the new shopping’s season easier and with peace of mind , so most of the prices in this site is cheaper than other wholesaler and on top of that the new mix and match offer is another way to prove this to all customers, since there is no any on line shop to offer mix and match shopping with such a low minimum order .

Here you can see some of those products that you can mix and match to buy on wholesale emall .

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Online Accessory Wholesaler, Fashion EMall, Opens for Business on the Internet

August 13, 2013 – Los Angeles, California – Finding amazing accessories that spice up a girl’s wardrobe can be a hard find even for experienced shoppers.  Whether someone is looking for purses, clothing, jewelry, hats, belts or other accessories, the new one-stop shopping experience can be done all online at fashion emall. 

fashionemall is a large wholesale mall, which allows customers to choose from the best selection of quality fashion accessories and apparel.  Located in downtown Los Angeles, we carries accessories from a variety of local factories and importers from around the world.  With many accessories being inspired by celebrities, fashionemall.com is the affordable alternative to trending accessories and style.

Perfect to use as a purse party supplier, we offers a wide variety of styles and prices when it comes to their fashionable handbag selection.  fashionemall is also a great wholesale jewelry outlet where jewelry can be bought at wholesale prices for business or personal use.

we offers free shipping on orders $300 or more and a 5 percent discount on any orders over $500.  From clothing to accessories,our website has  it all in one easy online shopping stop with incredibly low prices.

At emall, shoppers will be able to find accessories such as purses, hats, belts and jewelry at amazing discounts such as 40-70% off regular retail value.also shoppers receive amazing quality at affordable prices with an amazing selection of styles.

In the apparel department, our shoppers can choose from dresses, pants, skirts, sweaters, tops and even plus size.  Buying comfort and quality at low prices is easy with wholesale mall like us.  Shoppers can also browse through bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, hats, iPhone cases, and belts and determining which products are better based on user reviews.

To start shopping or searching for that perfect accessory, online shoppers can visit www.FashionEMall.com  today.

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Multicolor Necklace & Earrings with Beads


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every body loves animal print Dress

Women Leopard Dress

Unique design animal print dress with silky touch which can be used as a top , the beaded strap looks like a necklace , the ring accent in the back gives a new junior look to this animal print dress

as we get close to the fall and winter this dress will stand out in your customer’s closet and will teas them to buy it and resale it to hard too pleased women .

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What We Offer As A Fashion Wholesale Supplier

what makes us unique and different from all other fashion wholesaler is that we offer mix and match shopping and we offer very low minimum order , so we make shopping so easy for our wholesale customers and we make a shopping fun at the same time .

we all know that most of the people or businesses are struggling and they have hardship , and our goal is to help those businesses and customers to be able to buy wholesale fashion products easier and with confident .