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The Classic Satchel Bag for Quality and Style

Satchel bags have enjoyed popularity for decades now because of their versatility and convenience, and now you can find more styles and patterns than ever at FashionEMall.com These bags, which have short handles and a square or oblong shape, are roomy and easy to carry. If you have been considering adding one or more of these bags to your wardrobe as a cool and fashionable accessory, why fight the crowds and the hassle of parking when you can choose from our wide selection? Not only do we have many bags to choose from so that you're sure to find a style that suits your tastes, but because of our low outlet prices, you'll also be able to find one or more that suits your budget as well.Whether you enjoy a simple style or are looking for a bag that mirrors the style of today's hottest designer bags, FashionEMall carries them all. From the classic and elegant Cadillac satchel to our beautiful faux-alligator bags, you won't be disappointed by our selection. These bags are not only roomy but they are secure as well; most of them feature a numbered of zippered pockets that will allow you to carry your wallet, ID, and your cell phone without having to worry about them falling out or being stolen. Some of our satchel purses even come with a detachable longer handle so that when you need your hands free, you can slip the bag over your shoulder. Many of our styles come in a variety of colors as well, so you'll never have to settle for something you don't want.Because the prices at FashionEMall are so affordable, you can buy a variety of bags to accessorize your daily wardrobe, no matter your personal style.


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Basic Metal Accent Medium Satchel
Belt Pockets Quilted Satchel
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Belted Emblem Satchel
Big Chain Handles Satchel
Big Studs Fashionable Wholesale Satchel
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Black Chrome Studs Satchel
Bowler Fur Print Satchel
Bowler Shape Gold Zipper Satchel
Cadillac Metallic Carry-On Satchel
Chain Look Stitch Roomy Satchel
Clear Rhinestones Buckle Purse
Collapsible Handle Rhinestone Tote
Crocodile Gold Metal Lock Satchel
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