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Why it is better to buy wholesale handbags and accessory from wholesale supplier

It is a common technique of traders to buy at a cheap rate and sell at a higher rate to earn the difference as profit. So, traders usually try to buy their merchandise straight from manufacturers and, if that is not possible, from wholesalers to get bulk discount which they keep to themselves and add a percentage of profit to the price they pay for their bulk purchase.

The situation is most acute in case of accessories and fashion bags. These items have an esteem value that is generally not at all connected to either use value or material value of the product. People are willing to pay high price for fashion handbags just to ensure they are not left behind in the whirlpool of fashion and are always at the cutting edge as it were.

But locating a reliable supplier for wholesale fashion handbags is a genuine problem as many suppliers commit but fail to deliver especially when there is bulk order. Also, very often the quality that is promised is maintained in the first few consignments but it sharply deteriorates in subsequent consignments. The buyer is then left in a quandary as they neither can accept the poor quality nor can they come out of the contract. Thus, buyers should be extremely careful while choosing a bulk supplier for cheap fashion bags sold at wholesale quantities and prices.

So, the basic issue about wholesale purchases for further sale at higher prices at upscale boutiques or purse parties is zeroing on a reliable supplier that would neither compromise on quality nor on supply schedules. This is the hardest task of all as every wholesaler would vouch out of their skins when bagging the order and once that is done they gradually begin to show their true colors.

Therefore, the most prudent first step would be to locate a wholesaler who is in the vicinity and has a brick and mortar outlet dealing in wholesale business. This would allow the buyer to actually visit that outlet and witness firsthand the level of transactions and degree of customer servicing that the company is providing. Also, it might provide a private opportunity to the buyer to interact one on one with some of the regular customers to get a real feel of how reliable the supplier could be. Reliability of wholesale supplier is very important in this type of business as the retailer is entirely dependent on wholesaler’s commitment in sticking to delivery schedules.

If there is any mismatch in delivery the retailer might either miss out on a golden opportunity to make good business or be saddled with huge volumes of slow moving stock. Timing is very important because the accessories and fashion bags have value as long as the fashion in vogue and become practically useless once the fashion changes. The retailer needs to strike the iron while it is hot and can do so only when the wholesaler cooperates in every manner. 

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